Testimonial 2

I have worked closely with Panda Marketing Group for 35 years. They were instrumental in the success of my own business when we started back in 1987. Their guidance on what we needed to do immediately as a start up and what could be delayed was priceless. Panda Marketing Group showed us how to develop printed materials that could grow with the company without having to start from ground zero. This made it possible for us to have professional brochures and sell sheets on a limited budget as we grew the business.

When our business began to acquire other product lines there was no question who we would use to integrate the new lines in with the old so that from a new customer’s point of view, they would think it was part of our core business. Panda Marketing Group did such a good job that even old customers wondered how they had missed that we were making that product.

Panda Marketing Group has always stood for quality and service with the ability to find a solution to fit your budget. They usually offer several alternatives so that you can decide at what level you wanted to have your work performed.

After selling my company I used Panda Marketing Group for my next two business ventures and have recommended them to many of my associates over the years.

John Tritt
Vice President
Sweet Specialty Solutions