Testimonial 1

I have relied on Panda Marketing Group for over 20 years. Two things immediately come to mind when I consider using the services of Panda Marketing Group. The first is that they are a true resource. If I need anything in the area of graphics, printed materials, packaging, fulfillment, digital capabilities — and a whole list of needs I haven’t yet, but certainly will, encounter, Panda Marketing Group is the first place I turn to. They finds solutions and alternatives for everything.

Secondly is the level of service I know I will receive. There was a time when FedEx was considered the most reliable company in America. When they said a package “absolutely positively” had to arrive overnight, we all believed them. And it did. (Sadly, not always the case today.) I have that same belief in Panda Marketing Group. In an era in which personal service is getting harder and harder to find, Panda Marketing group flat out delivers — no matter what it takes.

Finally, I have not mentioned quality of work, because I believe quality is a given—the price of entry in doing business. Panda’s work is first class. Their standards are your standards. With Panda Marketing Group, I never give quality a second thought — it’s always there.

Andy Taylor
Director of Marketing
Vin Divino, Ltd.