Here, under one roof, is the full service capability and nimble responsiveness you deserve – whether you’re a start-up or a major player. You don’t need a big agency with inflated pricing and bureaucracy; you need a trustworthy guide… because it really is a jungle out there. Chicago-based Panda Marketing Group Inc., Chicago's Premier Print Marketing Agency, offers the following services: marketing, advertising, direct mail, branding, packaging, web design, social media, printing, large format signage and point-of-sale.



Direct Mail

We can handle your direct mail project from design to distribution. Whether you need to mail a postcard, an invitation or a product catalog, we are experienced with postal regulations and discount opportunities so we can find the most cost-effective solution for your mailing project. We have over twenty-five years of experience in the direct mail industry, so we can guide you through the process to ensure you see the lowest cost and the largest possible return on investment.

Experiential Merchandising / Signage

Creating meaningful connections between consumers and your brand matters, particularly at the point of sale where consumers make purchasing decisions on very high-margin products and services. We understand the importance of communicating with them quickly and seamlessly and offer the experience of committed, creative pros to help you deliver
each and every time.


Strong package design is more than just providing facts and information. It provokes feelings and communicates emotions. Effective packaging looks attractive, impresses with its creativity and is just nice to have on the shelf. With Panda Marketing Group you’ll benefit from our extensive package design and development services -- from concept to commercialization. Our expertise in package engineering allows us to offer extensive experience in product launches to get your products to market faster and ensure launch success.

Publications / Advertising

Advertising can be summed up in one word: Image. The major benefit of advertising in publications is its ability to showcase your product in full-color graphics. This gives your product a more polished feel, allowing a clearer picture of your product. It instantly ensures that the right people are seeing your message, giving the public a better idea of what you are marketing. Advertising will educate them about your products or services, and move them closer to making a purchase.